Welcome to Newens - Where a 300 year old tea drinking heritage has been re-imagined for the 21st century

There has been a Newens Tea House in Kew, London since 1850 - time enough to perfect a winning combination of the perfect cup of tea, delicious savoury pies and a range of mouth-wateringly delicious cakes and pastries including, of course,  Original Maids Of Honour - amazingly light and sweet confections made from a unique, closely guarded recipe that stretches back to the days of Henry Vlll.

There's nothing quite like Newens. It's a world famous London icon but it's now time for the world to experience what it has been missing. A new generation of Newens Tea Houses, re-imagined for the 21st century has been unveiled - and will be opening in key locations around the world. These new Newens Tea Houses will embody all the traditional qualities of the original Newens (as well as utilising the much-loved recipes) in a new, stylish format geared towards delivering Newens to a new, international audience.

Newens Fare
Discover the secret to our world famous Original Maids of Honour cakes and other confections, relish our amazing savoury pies and pastries and see how seriously we take the art of making (and drinking!) tea...READ MORE
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The Newens Experience Video
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The History of Tea
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A Business Opportunity
Newens Tea Houses is looking for like-minded commercial franchise partners to work with and help develop the Newens brand around the world...READ MORE