What is Newens

A new generation of Newens Tea House is ready to be unveiled to a waiting world. The style and décor are all fresh and new yet reminiscent of a traditional grand dining room experience with more than a hint of art deco influence – underlining the aura of the tea producing regions and the colonial era. Classy, upmarket and traditional but efficient, stylish and modern, too.

Bored of the ubiquitous international coffee chains? Looking for something a little less hurried and a little more refined? Well welcome to Newens Tea House where you can take your time to enjoy the luxury of a leisurely afternoon tea, English style, at any time of the day. Newens is where the art and rituals of traditional tea making and drinking are upheld. A place where tea aficionados and those who appreciate the finer things in life can enjoy and appreciate the joy of the perfect cup of tea – just how they like it.

At Newens you can sit and sip in perfect harmony and in the most pleasant, civillized surroundings - letting the rest of a crazy world go hurrying by. Be pampered by knowledgeable, friendly and efficient staff in traditional uniforms as you peruse a menu stocked with the most amazing cakes, pastries, delicacies and savoury pies and tarts – plus, of course, our world famous Original Maids of Honour cakes – first enjoyed by none other than King henry VIII in the 1500’s. Whether you are popping by for a refreshing, calming cup of tea; fancy a light bite, cake, breakfast or a full lunch or dinner you can be assured a warm, traditional welcome will await you at Newens Tea House.

At Newens on the Kew Road,in London, traditional British baking skills have been kept alive for over 150 years. What's more the Newens history dates back even further – to Tudor times and the dainty little 'Maids of Honour' tarts Newens is famed for throughout the world.

Legend has it that ‘Maids of Honour’ were brought to notoriety by Henry VIII who so loved their ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ sensation, he took the recipe and kept it under lock and key at Richmond Palace!

Today these delectable pastries are still served warm from the oven – with a wide variety of other sweet and savoury treats all made by hand to traditional recipes using fresh, natural ingredients.

Visitors to Newens always enjoy a warm welcome, coming from near and afar – for tea and cake, high tea, a hot luncheon – or whatever takes their fancy.