Newens Tea House Inc. (NTHI) is the global operating and licensing arm of the Newens Tea House Business and owns the exclusive right to all Newens IP as well as Newens proprietary recipes including the World famous ‘Original Maids of Honour’ tarts, with the exception of the Kew facility which remains independently owned by our business partner, Mr. Dean Martin. Our first third-party operated store opens during Q4, 2014 in the landmark destination that is Kuala Lumpur’s iconic Starhill Gallery. This 197 seat high-end, full service facility sits in the heart of the operation that includes brand stores from some of the worlds leading luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Hermes, Jager LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, etc.

Where are we going?

Having awarded our first national franchise (for the Malaysia territory) we are now actively seeking forward thinking partners who are willing to work with the ‘Newens Tea House Inc.’ business system and the ‘Newens Brand’ as we set forth to launch the brand worldwide.

During phase one of our global roll-out we are seeking national partners for exclusive franchises from the following countries: – Japan - Holland - UK – Thailand - Ireland – Hong Kong - Belgium - Australia – S Korea - Luxemburg - New Zealand – Philippines - South Africa

Following the successful initial roll-out of phase one we intend to focus on:

  • Awarding statewide franchises within the United States of America
  • Awarding regional franchises / national franchise within Canada
  • Awarding individual National franchises within the European Economic Community (N, W, C, S)
  • Securing a Hotel Group franchise partner
  • Focus on the Airport sector on a region by region basis

Following the successful completion of phase two, we will be focusing on:

  • Awarding individual national franchises within the European Economic Community (E)
  • Awarding specific destination franchises within Africa
  • Awarding specific destination franchises within Central and S America

• Level One – The highest level of Newens Tea House, consisting of a full service, seated facility, with on-site bakery/kitchen, catering for between 70 to 240 guests.

Level Two – The medium level of Newens Tea House, catering for seated guests as well as passing traffic and ‘to go’ sales and typically serving numbers between 30-60 seated supported by counter sales of both food and beverages. Reduced but bespoke F&B offering.

Level Three – The convenience option from Newens Tea House Inc. offering a predominately ‘to go’ service, designed for high traffic locations, with some limited seating for 10-20 at counter. Reduced but bespoke F&B offering.

• Ancillary Services available to operators of levels 1, 2 or 3

Newens online - an online ordering service promising delivery within 6 hours, within a specified area, orders can be picked-up from your chosen Newens location if preferred.

Newens event catering service - an online service where the customer can have Newens cater for their business or social function within 24 hours of order being placed and confirmed.

Newens ‘Bespoke Baking’ Service - another magnificent service unique to Newens where customers can order, online or by phone, unique cakes, pastries, tarts and pies for their special event or party. Our dedicated customer advisor helps them through their order and plans every detail ensuring they receive their order on time, to budget and at the very peak of its condition.

• We are actively looking for forward thinking, like minded organizations, who are interested in sharing in the success of the Newens Tea House family, to become franchise partners and members of this exciting brand and business system:

– Partners in a National Franchise are required to open a Level One location first as a national flagship site, then may follow-up with a ‘to be agreed’ assortment of all levels there after.

– Franchise Partners will be expected to attend a central gathering which will be held every two years with the aim of updating all members on the latest trends, marketing tools, growth strategy, product developments, consumer research findings, centralized marketing plans, etc.

– All members of the Newens Tea House business system will be required to honor their obligations from their franchise agreements, including but not limited to payment terms and dates, brand representation and protection, maintaining the integrity of the MOH secret recipe, regular communication requirements, etc.

– Keeping NTHI updated on local market trends and competitor activity.

• How does NTHI Support it’s Franchise Partners?

 NTHI partners can expect a wide range of business support including but not limited to the following:

– Full support with implantation and ongoing management, including store design, menus, baking, umbrella brand marketing, etc.

– Full Staff Training including marketing and management training

– Management of centralized web and social media resources

– Delivery of centralized advertising templates, online advertising tools and AV scripts for localization by business partners on a local market basis

– Utilization of Newens' centralized resources such as Ambassadors, Kew store visits, new menu item development, specialist equipment sourcing, access to centralized supply chains (tea and coffee, etc.)

– Full access to and usage of the Newens brand iconography, history and heritage including ‘Original Maids of Honour Tarts’, marketing tools and programs

– Including franchise partners fully in regional and global marketing umbrella activity and keeping all partners up to date with current activity

In the first instance please contact:

Stating your full name with contact details, the territory you’re interested in discussing and providing some background information on your organization.

We will endeavor to get back to you within 48 hours.

In-depth and extensive, detailed information will be provided to perspective partners on signature of a NDA at an early stage including access to the various franchise manuals and T&C’s.

Video Demonstrating The Newens Franchise Interior Design As Well As Fixtures & Fittings

The sumptuous and opulent design of a Newens franchise pays homage to a bygone era. It is the perfect setting for enjoying afternoon tea, dinner and more. 

The ornate fixtures and design details convey no expense spared luxury whilst providing highly practical and efficient storage, food preparation and presentation options.


A selection of the marketing and advertising materials and digital templates available for use by Newens franchisees